A strategic storage and logistics solution

Central storage site

Our facilities allow the storage of your goods on our site close to major roads and rail lines. TrackVale Hub puts more than 1,000,000 square feet at your disposal for the purpose of storing your goods. Our strategic location in the heart of Quebec will allow you to manage the delivery of your products and services more efficiently and quickly.

Reach your markets faster

We offer our customers the opportunity to store their goods on our site to serve their markets faster. This simplifies logistics operations and reduces the cost of handling merchandise when developing a new geographic market.

Storage of railcars and containers

The TrackVale Hub service was set up to make Quebec and global markets accessible from central Quebec for businesses that have not established a storage area in the region. Goods stored on our site can also be handled and shipped anywhere in North America, whether by rail or by truck. The rail network is accessible from our facilities where we can directly carry out rail transloading. Our team can also process and unload containers or railcars and store the goods at our facilities. To facilitate inventory management during peak periods, we allow our customers to store up to 50 railcars on site. Our equipment can handle all types of goods as well as the assembly and disassembly of heavy machinery.

For stock in transit or in storage, TrackVale Hub has a storage solution to meet your needs. Contact us now for all your storage needs.

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